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Charitable Contribution: establishes the value of objects donated to qualified organizations in order to establish an income tax deduction.

Estates & Artist Estates: establishes the value of objects connected to the preparation of estate tax returns; or to administer asset distribution for estate planning.


Gift Tax: establishes the value of objects transferred through a charitable donation to a qualified organization or a non-charitable gift to a family member as of a specific date to establish a transfer tax.


Insurance: establishes the value of objects in classifying appropriate insurance coverage; or Damage and Loss, which establishes the hypothetical value of objects included in a loss or damage event; public art coverage.


Equitable Distribution of Property: establishes the value of objects for distributions of jointly owned property.


Best Market: establishes the value of objects for potential sales, purchases, or personal knowledge.


Additional Services:

  • Consultation and identification for clients of acquisitions and deaccessions, including brokering to museums, primary and secondary galleries, art advisors and auction houses.


  • Document, inventory and photograph collections and archival materials.


  • Arranging for and supervising the packing, shipping, and installation of art.


  • Prepare condition reports for art loans, exhibitions, and international shipments.

Peter Held Art Appraisals & Associates appraises the following:

Modern & Contemporary Art in all media including paintings, prints, sculpture,
outsider and mixed-media art.

Modern & Contemporary Studio Craft objects including ceramics, fibers,
furniture, glass, and wood.

Modern & Contemporary Native American Art including jewelry, paintings,
prints, pottery, and sculpture.

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